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Long Lead Times + Fluctuating Market Demand = Excess Inventory & Landfill Waste

  • $1.4 Trillion

    Excess, Obsolete, Returned Inventory

  • 2 Billions Tons

    Landfill Waste

Our Process Is Simple

Designed for a better Circular Economy

Data Enrichment Engine

Using AI, we take the guesswork out of determining price & specifications to optimally list and sell your excess inventory

Optimized Online Sales

Optimized sales with Google Ads expertise for Search and Shopping, plus connectivity to targeted networks

Simplified Excess Inventory Sales

Instead of discarding, effectively monetize surplus inventory lists with minimal time and effort through automation


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Our platform provide sellers advanced tools for effective marketing, optimizing sales, and managing excess inventory
Our product listings provide buyers with access to great deals and products that may be otherwise hard to find