Welcome to TrustClarity’s partner page, make some extra cash by partnering with us on the programs below:

Reseller Programs

  • Utilize your network and for every qualifying customer referral, earn a commission on year 1 sales

Affiliate Programs

  • Earn cash/commissions through qualifying completed transactions
  • Earn commissions through qualifying seller referrals

TrustClarity Reseller Program

Welcome to TrustClarity’s Reseller program, which helps subject matter experts (SME’s) who are looking to use their influence and network, to make some extra cash. Become a part of a growing and exciting team by becoming a authorized reseller of our platform.

  • 1 Sign Up Sign up to receive training on our platform
  • 2 Influence Refer customers to experience our platform. Schedule demo’s and let us do the work to close the account
  • 3 Manage & Earn Earn 10% of the 1st year’s transaction fee value, uncapped
Reseller Sign up

Affiliate Program

Welcome to TrustClarity’s Affiliate program, which helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. With thousands of current SKU’s and expected exponential growth, we have easy link-building tools to direct your audience to your recommendations, all while earning money for the lead.

Buyer Referral program to a processed transaction

  • 1 Sign Up Sign up on our affiliate portal to become a partner and get your customized link
  • 2 Promote Promote our platform, and gear customers to buy products on one of our many storefronts
  • 3 Earn Cash For every processed transaction that you promoted, receive 5% commission of the total transaction fee collected
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