TrustClarity Launches Affiliate and Reseller Programs To Drive Circular Economy

TrustClarity Launches Affiliate and Reseller Programs To Drive Circular Economy

Programs Will Incentivize New Partners With Alternative Revenue Stream

Chicago, IL, July 6, 2021— TrustClarity, a product insight and commerce platform that helps manufacturers, service providers and distributors sell excess inventory, announced today it has launched an affiliate and reseller program to help achieve the company’s goal of keeping products in use and out of landfills.

The affiliate program offers cash for referring transactions, and the reseller program will share commissions on the first year of sales for a signed-up customer on the platform.

“The affiliate and reseller programs are an important step in expanding our reach, and helping companies to more easily list and sell excess inventory online at optimal value,” said Sujee Jeganathan, TrustClarity Founder and CEO.

TrustClarity’s affiliate program helps content creators, publishers and bloggers monetize their traffic. When an affiliate member signs up, they’ll receive a customized link that allows them to promote the TrustClarity platform and drive buyers to purchase products on or one of its associated customer storefronts. For every processed transaction promoted, the buyer earns 5% commission of the total transaction fee collected.

The company’s reseller program helps industry professionals, including those who have connections to telecommunications, IT, and electrical> companies with excess inventory, use their network and influence to make passive income. As an authorized reseller of the TrustClarity platform, industry professionals can earn 10% of the first year’s transaction fee value, uncapped, by simply making a referral.

With thousands of current SKU’s and expected exponential growth, TrustClarity’s affiliate and reseller programs will allow partners to tap into an additional revenue stream and drive forward a better circular economy.

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About TrustClarity

TrustClarity is a SaaS based product insight and commerce platform that optimizes the sale of excess inventory, keeping products in use and out of landfills. Using AI technology, the company has the ability to convert a simple excel spreadsheet with excess inventory listings (finished goods, parts, materials, and excess infrastructure purchases), into content rich product listings, online outlet stores and excess inventory marketplaces. With a circular economy friendly solution, TrustClarity assists companies in achieving their Net Zero and ESG goals.

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